…. I’m due to totally revamp this anyway.  Expect something better than just a tip of the hat to the beginning.

  1. Kane says:

    Hi I couldnt find an email to contact you but i read the article on blacklists and I was wondering if there were legal options for this.

  2. I wanted to thank you for referencing my website regarding your blacklist article. I worked very hard to gather that data over the last several years and you drove over 5,300 visits to my website in just one day! Thanks a lot!

    FYI, blacklisting is not legal. If employers are caught there is both jail time and fines. The law was past in the late 1,800s when the labor movement was catching on. Here is the law in WA state but it’s in others as well:


  3. Technically no. I found about the legality thing just late last year; I don’t know if many companies (especially the ones like Zoniac or the folks that contributed to my WSJ blacklisting article know about it).

    I worked directly with Joann Lublin on the WSJ article and it was directly based on the national research we had done. She provided a voice to it and it was very well read and received.

    Keep doing great work.

    Paul Anderson

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