Reflecting on unrealized futures…

Posted: January 20, 2014 in Rant
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So, in celebration of Martin Luther King Day– I had today off.  Instead of getting up for work, Cortana and I went to the gym.  On the way back, seeing all of the MLK posts spattered on my Facebook creepfeed, I started to think… Today is a nationally observed holiday, and rightfully so, but as a nation– we’re regressing farther and farther from the ideals professed by Dr. King.

Sit down, shut up, and pay attention.

A less professed, yet equally profound concept… Perhaps more relevant today than ever before.

Dr. King’s dream helped to pioneer so much, yet look where we are now.  It’s been 50 years since Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.  Let that sink in for a minute.  The civil rights revolution made its biggest strides in less than a decade, and after one asshole’s bullet in 1968– has progressed at a crawl.

In fact, I dare say those ideals are regressing today– with many thanks to our current administrations and their media cronies.  How many real strides have been made since Dr. King’s voice was silenced?  How much time and effort is wasted by a society deliberately and willingly divided by the people that are supposed to lead it?

Let that sink in for a second.


For dignity and brotherhood. Both seem to be alien concepts to the hoi polloi nowadays.

Sure, we have a black POTUS, but are we really making progress?  I say no.  Voices of reason, equality, tolerance, and progress do not make ratings– and are not heard through mass media outlets.  They do not make it to public office.  If Dr. King were starting his movement today, he would be overlooked.  Think about it: what politicians are heard most on the air?  The ones with the most preposterous and divisive views/opinions.  What on-air personalities incessantly end up replayed over and over again?  The ones that profit from division.

This is not the dream Dr. King had…  this world we live in now is less a dream of egalitarian equality– than it is a twisted, perverse nightmare of extremes against the middle.

Don't become a stereotype... become a person.

That’s the key… continue to move forward.

I maintain that today would be very different had Dr. King continued his work into old age.  His dream wouldn’t have been whittled away into lip service publicity stunts, in all their trite glory.  Divisive actions and words would not get center stage coverage by the media because public interest wouldn’t give them the ratings.  Then again, a more united States would not allow itself to be distracted like this– nor allow its constitutional rights to be clipped to pieces by corrupt administrations.  Unity, when it becomes second nature, does not allow itself to be divided by figureheads and mouthpieces.  Had his work not been cut short, I would think the country– and the world– would not be as it is now.

We need more philosophers and fewer pundits.
We need more teachers and fewer talking heads.
We need more dreamers.
We need more inspiration and damn the ratings.
We need to silence those that divide, and make strides to unify on our own.

We need real leaders that do not lead for their own gain.

Justice doesn’t come from the top, and most certainly doesn’t come from the media.  It comes from everyone.  Pay less attention to what is told to you, and more to what you can do to be better than you were yesterday– to yourself and those around you.  We need to aspire to be more than we are, and especially not to embody the negative stereotypes that have been force fed to our society…

We need another Dr. King…  in every one of us.



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