Here’s what Brown can do for me…

Posted: April 10, 2013 in Self-Deprecation
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After several months and one successful article, the infamous unemployment curse was broken.  I would have said “mercifully,” however that’d violate the pacing of this little tale.  Protip: one thing that writing and banging have in common– you don’t want to get to the finish prematurely.

Back to the curse breaking– I was stunned to find out that not only had I picked up a part time merchandising job, I had even got my foot in the door at UPS.  Scuttlebutt had it that UPS treated their employees right, and I figured that this could be a potential career move since the company appears to be as healthy as a strain of AIDS at a Kenyan orgy.  All arrows pointed at Brown, and I should have know that shit was about to splatter in my direction.


In other news: Murphy’s an assjack.

The first indicator that this might have been an imminent case of surprise buttsex was the pay rate: $8.50 per hour.  If you’re going to work for a company as large and successful as UPS, and you’re going to make as much as a McJob, start worrying.  I, being ecstatic that I had doubly become a taxpayer again (after having been treated like a leper with dysentery), didn’t think that worrying mattered– they took care of their employees, right?

Hell, they’re all Teamsters, so there had to be a silver lining of benefits and job security– right?


You were expecting a

Falling for that shit was about as naive as falling for this.

Even including Jill 2.0’s handi-capable situation, I’m in pretty damn good shape.  I’m a Tough Mudder, for crying out loud, so I didn’t think about what the hiring lady was saying when she said that this job burns out 20 year olds.  What she didn’t say was that they treat unloading cargo semis like a good, ol’ fashioned, Egyptian pyramid raising.  I’m not sure how universal this is, but at this particular location–  they want a single person to empty an entire semi in under an hour.  The quoted rate by my (former) supervisor was 1000 packages per hour…  mostly solo.

Let’s do the math here:

1000 packages ÷ 60 minutes = 16.67 packages/minute

…for 3 freaking trailers.  Did I mention that the job starts before 5am?  Or that there’s only one 10 minute break between trailers two and three?

Now, let’s add in the fun part that these trailers are packed floor to ceiling– poorly– and the walls of cargo like to fall.  Let’s also add in that you can find anything from hot water heaters, to tires, to 50lb cases of copy paper, to electronics, to mail, to motor oil, to 45lb farming cases of onions… well shit, you get the point….  this kind of whip-cracking bullshit for the same pay rate as flipping a ¼ lb burger, potentially stoned.

Thanks to the way their benefits are figured– and the laughable total hours– I wasn’t going to qualify for even a bottle of ibuprofen for at least 5 months.  Something tells me that Jill 2.0 isn’t about to demonstrate some kind of bionic durability– and with that slave wage, there’s no way I’d be able to afford another surgery.

Who do you think you're talking to?

You were probably expecting the Double Deuce, but my grandma wanted me to be more like Jesus…  He used a thumb and index finger…. Come to think of it… so did I, when I called HR!  Grandma would be proud!

So, covered in contusions, minor cuts, and feeling like I had a run in with the Bear Jew–  I took my old man’s advice and cut my losses.  They’re looking for slave labor, and they got two back-breaking days out of me.  They’re not getting another moment, and I flat out told the girl on the phone about my concern for the inevitable injury.  It’s not like me to just cut out without a two week notice– but this is an at will state, and that shit is a two way street.

Guess who’s not waking up at 3AM to go get his ass beat for a slave wage– just to be told to work faster?

Thank all that is holy and/or alcohol-bearing that my other job, although part-time, at least has a decent pay rate… and can be made to look sexy on a resume.  As for Brown– you know what they can do for me?

They can get flushed along with the curse.


  1. Fun update– Here it is, the 21st of MAY– and they STILL haven’t paid me for this beating. Word from the wise: don’t give UPS business, stick to FedEx, because the company’s chock full of assjacks. Needless to say, HR is going to get sick of me– but quick.

    My patience has officially ended.

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