Hey Florida! Here’s another reason your state sucks!

Posted: October 25, 2012 in Rant
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I thought, in the middle of this political fecal typhoon called “election year,” I had seen the epitome of stupid.  We’ve got window-licking assjacks trying to assert that rape is a gift from God, or that a woman can’t get pregnant from rape.  We’ve got other cadres of idiots trying to equate Romney (and his supporters) to Hitler and those people constantly waving “hi” to him.  Oh yeah, those were Nazis.  Apparently the aura of stupid surrounding every media outlet is rubbing off on even me.  Couldn’t remember they were Nazis.  Anyway, they couldn’t possibly be Nazis, because those guys knew how to organize and motivate.  Feel me?

However, just when I thought I couldn’t be exposed to any more stupid, Florida reared its cancer-riddled head and decided to step up its game.  Florida, you should have just stuck to what you’re good at– reeking of formaldehyde.

From the state that brought us Casey Anthony....

NO! NO! Bad state! Bad! Bring Daytona Beach back to its former glory and MAYBE we’ll talk.

That’s right, Florida– the land of recounts and hanging chads– has done it again and proven why we should have let the Spanish keep it.   Let me be one of the many to say this, “Governor Scott, please find the nearest fire and feel free to die in it.”  For those of you unaware– read this.  I’ll wait.

Now don’t try and scream out, “But it’s the task force that said it, not the governor!”  Who do you think appointed the damn task force?  That’s right, it was Scott.  If you don’t think that he hasn’t appointed those with like opinions/views– you’re probably a fan of Rick Santorum.  In fact, close this right now– because it’ll probably be above your intellectual level.

Now that we’ve cleared out the idiots– this kind of thinking may seem fiscally responsible on the surface.  But yeah, let’s see where this leads.  Penalize students that want to learn about history, the arts, psychology, or anthropology.  You think that YOLO is some seriously annoying bullshit now?  Yeah let’s see what happens a few years down the road.

Fail Fail Fail Fail Fail.

These will be considered “highbrow” entertainment– instead of being pointed out for the mind-numbing piles of fail that they are. Go ahead, minimize history, art, and thought. See what happens, assjacks.

If you lack the brains to realize what this is, let me stop right here and tell you to shoot yourself in the face. Flooding the workforce with “desired” professions is going to give you a lot of unemployed scientists.  Are you guys in Florida complete jacktards?  Supply and demand.  You don’t have an even balance of jobs, wow… that’s precious, what state does?  However, to have a student pay more to get a degree in a field that has fewer opportunities is… well reactionary and stupid.  Yes, let’s profit from someone who will have less of a chance of putting money back in the system.  That makes sense.

If you want more scientists, mathematicians, teachers, and doctors– how about incentives instead of penalties?  Do you really want more technically-educated dipshits who can’t string together a coherent sentence?  Do we really want to facilitate our society’s progress towards textspeak?

They do in Florida– you know, where you can kill your kid and get away with it.

Flood the market, kill the opportunities.  Strangle the humanities, and welcome in a new definition of cultural backslide.  Here’s to hoping their recommendations end up like a homeless man on a bypass– chewed up by a tweaker on bath salts.




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