Mea Culpa… Mea Maxima Culpa…

Posted: October 9, 2012 in Self-Deprecation
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Apparently I was not the only one that decided to set Homecoming on cruise control this year.  I take it back, if I had it on cruise control, everyone else was out cold in the back seat…  since I usually lead them to awesomeness.  The operant, overtly abused, and justifiably overused term for this year was “Lamesauce“– to the point where even Cortana wanted to beat my skull in with extreme prejudice.  Well excuse me if I’m annoyed by self-imposed sobriety, and not being able to congeal a cohesively badass time out of thin air.

Until this year, I never realized how integral I have been in conducting epic levels of Homecoming shenanigans.  In previous years, I guess my child-like exuberance for excess and libation (more importantly, both in conjunction) overshadowed my administrative duties of rounding up the troops.  Either that, or I forgot two key points from the boozohol-occluded past.

  • Point numero uno:  Organization (social or otherwise) with these friends has changed little over the past X amount of years.  (You solve for X!  I could have had tenure at my alma mater… don’t judge me!)
  • Point numero dos:  Even as a tri-term VP of my TKE chapter (Kappa Mu), getting everyone to one locale involved ridonculous amounts of premeditation.  Yes, that goes for even back when all we had to do was attend class, do homework, and test our limits of insobriety.  We were good at that.

Now that we’re all that much older, with presumably that many more responsibilities, things got that much more difficult.  I shouldn’t have been surprised that without the guiding hand of The Godfather– well the annual liver decathlon wasn’t going to be nearly as cool for everyone else.  Not to mention, I usually serve as the lightning rod that ends up collecting everybody into a mob of bad role models and awesome.   In a moment of naivete, or would that be obliviousness due to overwork, I didn’t realize that nobody else would handle the legwork.  Silly.  Silly me.  In retrospect, that kind of oversight is akin to me not expecting that every one of my friends turns into political experts/pundits/analysts during any election year.

In other news, eat a dick.

Yeah… Just went there… But that’s another rant entirely.  So shut the hell up already.

These things said, Cortana and I were lucky enough to catch up with Zig, Baloo, Bowser, Nemo, Razz, Wozzy, Viv, and Buddy Christ among others.  I was ecstatic to catch up with my Delta Zeta grandbig, whose blog is just over on the right…  yeah, right over there.  If it weren’t for this cadre of multiple generations, I probably would have lost my shit in a non-legendary fashion.

Out in out, I didn’t rock a hangover this year.  This fact wasn’t a surprise, it was all but predestined.  Although I’d planned to take it easy due to work—  I sure as Hell didn’t get much of that done.  Sure, it was a great idea in concept…

Never the Hell again...

Yeah, but screw those guys.

Next year?  Yeah.  Doubletime.

Then again, there’s also our version of Homecoming….  We call it “Old Heads Night Out.”


  1. Whitey says:

    .My irony in not attending this years get events, was the break/up of my ex, the subsequent broken nose and black eye, recieved the next night at the bar. (by another guy she provoked)(((PUROSELY!!!!!))))) And through all this, I didnt go to the Boro and recieve about the same punishment (juvenile freedom).

  2. […] this wistful nostalgic kick, this year will make up for the amalgamated fuckpile of fail that was HC2012.  I can’t even spell it out completely, it was so… lame.  I blame the old job, which […]

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