The Social Benefits of Mocking Stupid People

Posted: October 1, 2012 in Rant
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There’s a huge difference between knowing your shit, and knowing you’re shit.

If you still don’t know where this is about to go, please go find the nearest open fire and feel free to die in it.  We don’t need any more glorified neanderthals kicking around– further mucking up the place.  You’re the reason why we can’t have nice things– because everything needs to cater to the dumb.  With that said… today’s rant of love is dedicated to the Spelling Nazis, the Grammar Nazis, and similar forms of trolling.  Your ability to shame the stupid might succeed where education has apparently failed.

You are not a beautiful flower...

A picture’s worth a thousand words, right? Nothing sucks the potency out of an argument like abject stupidity. (In case you were wondering, yeah— I took this picture… and shopped it just for you.)

“No Child Left Behind” is a failure in every sense of the term.  In fact, let’s back up a second and really loose (not lose) a broadside at the decaying corpse of American education.  When “educators” started giving a damn about a kid’s self-esteem, instead of paying attention to whether the kid needed a diagram to find their own assholes (right over there), they stopped being teachers and became arrogant guidance counselors with inflated senses of importance.

Newsflash, jacktards, fail the kid who can’t read/write (Hell, pick any subject for that matter) until they can— because sometimes shame is an amazingly powerful motivator.  Don’t want to be the kid that got held back?  It’s called study, and don’t waste your time spuriously screaming racial and homophobic epithets into your game headset.  After all, it’s not like we can force the parents that forgot to wear a condom in the first place to take some responsibility for their breathing miscarriage.  I know– God forbid the parents‘ greatest mistake be pointed out for what they are.  It’s society’s problem, right Baby Boomers?  It takes a village, right, Baby Boomers?  Since I’m taking the time to point out the agonizingly obvious for those less fortunate– no, it doesn’t.  It takes a parent (works even better if there’s two) to raise a child, and empowered teachers to make them useful members of society.

Well we self-respecting Grammar/Spelling Nazis (and trolls of similar avocations who enjoy mocking the voluntarily ignorant) are also members of society, and reject all acts that enable the stupid to exist in peace and bliss.

This part of the country could get nuked and nobody'd care.

There’s no excuse for this.

If you know someone who has an issue with word usage, and I’m sure at least 3/4 of the people reading this do, do them a favor and mock the stupid out of them.  If you aren’t forced to know how to speak fluent typo (or textspeak– whatever term tickles your brain), you’re either A:  an intellectual snob (which makes you lucky) or B: you just might be part of the problem.

So yeah, as a society, let’s keep focusing on swag— and not on worth.  We’ll see how long the USA can continue their classification as a “first world country.”

For those of us left who still have appreciation for mankind’s advancements, here’s a little tidbit that inexplicably escaped front page news:  Curiosity found evidence of water on Mars.

Anyone else feeling like moving?


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