Oh wherever should I re-start?

Posted: May 7, 2012 in Self-Deprecation
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I’ve been gone for oh… oh so long, I’m sure many of you thought I hung up the proverbial boots.  That’s actually quite true, I had hung them up.  A lot has transpired since I took the time to sit at the keyboard and make fun of myself.  Let’s see…  I quit my previous job due to ethical concerns (and I’m not too broken up about it, really)… the next job had potential.  Hell, I was part of an opening crew of a restaurant.

Opportunities abound, right?  Well, not when the company hasn’t done their demographics– and builds a restaurant that has more logistical design flaws than [insert wiseass governmental reference here].

I mean I’m one hell of a bartender, but that… wasn’t bartending.   I now consider Pakistani kids in Nike factories kindred spirits of mine, and I’ll just leave it at that.  Yes, that’s a metaphor– apparently one that a certain someone on the face of this planet will never understand (and they’re a district manager, no less).

I can deal with…  “challenging” work conditions created by corporate stupidity and insane demands… but the second a corporate fat cat thinks he’s going to talk down to me (and repeatedly threaten my job) on top of that…

Yeah, I walked out of that job.  Get hostile with someone else.

I quit.

I was looking for an epic image of a bartender walking out of a restaurant, lighting a cigarette with the place in flames…. but, this’ll do.

Employment stupidity aside, I’ve got a contingency plan– that is, unless someone else happens to have a use for a caustic wit, and a way with words.  Quite literally, I’m for sale.  Well.  More like lease, Cortana holds the deed to my beautiful behind.

All employment shenanigans aside— you’ve all got me back.

… and all but fully recovered from my gimptacular status that spawned this little corner of the intarwebs.  How fully recovered am I, you wonder?  I’m to the point where I wonder if I should keep the tag line “the adventures of a right-handed lefty.”    That and Cortana and I did a Tough Mudder last month.

Yeah, I’ll get on that later.

Damn, I missed this.


  1. Phoenix says:

    Good shit bro! Consider writing and publishing a book.

  2. […] in the gym like a beast for the last month and a half, but between the aforementioned “employment issues” and being sick– yeah no.  I figured that I’d already got most of my body back, […]

  3. […] yes, a bit of backstory on that nebulous entry that left everyone scratching their heads as to what “ethical concerns” meant.  A year […]

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