A swing and a miss… Your move, WordPress…

Posted: November 1, 2011 in Comedy, Humor, Rant, Self-Deprecation

So, here I am, almost two weeks later, no images– and one of the codemonkeys from WordPress Help got back to me…  The guy was largely helpful– granted he also didn’t realize that he’s not dealing with the average barely-educated dolt who doesn’t know their own asshole from a hole in the ground.  I don’t play Pogo.com games, comrade, and I haven’t jacked with any of my settings.

Ever since the little blue button “Upgrade to Pro” appeared next to my Gravatar icon in the menubar (yes, I notice weird little shit like this, don’t judge me), nothing JavaScript related will work here.  Granted, the natural tech support thing to do would be to log in– check and see if the interface is dicked– then tell the complaining party (in techspeak) that they’re a retard and screwed their own pooch.

[Are you tired of these would-be-images yet?
I am.]

 Hell, I’m guilty of doing that at work…  We call these polite instances of “please go kill yourself” ID:10-T errors.  If you haven’t got the joke yet, it’s ok, I’m sure you’ve had one of these errors too.  So, after checking (again) that I’ve not inadvertently disabled JavaScript in both of my browsers (which includes the one that I never use), guess what?

No tagging.  No insertion of links.  No pictures.  No preview before publish option.  Nothing pretty.  It was a valiant first effort by Tech Support— but here I am two days later, waiting for their reply from my courteous “No-I’m-not-a-walking-miscarriage-just-a-damn-gimp” email.

Your move, WordPress.  Your.  Move.


  1. SB says:

    (15 days later…) Does this mean WordPress won through attrition? 😦

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