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Posted: August 16, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Before I start into tonight’s example of what it is to slowly go crazy, I want you to look at something for a bit.

Here's my sign.

Stop and behold that which was. Sarcasm and all. I won't post anything of this ilk again for some time.


Since Jill went on the IR, especially since the surgery, I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that I don’t look like this anymore.  Combine that with being just asininely irritated about not being able to do many things that I like, and that’s just a recipe to put this lunatic over the edge.  I am not saying that I’m not still on a collision course with crazy; it just won’t be from the aforementioned reasons.

My friend Kathy called me on my lack of vision.  Seriously, with all that I can’t do, why shouldn’t I milk the crap out of the situation until the cast comes off?   I worked for 8 months with torn cartilage in my wrist; I’ve earned some lazy time.  I went into the usual commentary about not being able to do what I like to do– but she responded with a resounding, and I quote, “You’re doing it wrong.”

I’ll let you all get the snide comments out of the way now.  Don’t worry, welcome to about an hour ago when this conversation went down– and my mind has already made the obligatory remarks.  They’re good, enjoy them.  I’ll wait.

Ok, time’s up.  I have all kinds of freaking time on my hand.  Great, here we go with the fap jokes.  Either way, I should milk the living crap out of my condition until September (when the cast comes off).  Who cares about effort, just enjoy being useless– and the fact that nobody expects anything out of me anyway.  She opened my eyes to the fact that, in spite of not being able to do much, this is one of those rare moments in life where I’m justified in utter laziness.  Granted, I may not take it to the extreme that she described, but she brought up some damn good points.  Speaking of time on my hand…

… anyway!  Creepy segway aside, tomorrow I shall take full drunken advantage of my condition.  After all, I’ve got all the rehab time to diet and exercise away the couch-effect.   I should enjoy the benefits of temporary crippledom while I can, to stave away the other things making me crazy.

Ok, crazier.  Line ’em up, it’s go time.


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